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Jit Innovation Technology provides small, medium and large companies the best solutions and Advanced Phone Samsung taking care of the details already in pre-sales through targeted advice by providing the best brands of hardware and software ICT market for every need accompanied from service and after-sales technical advice with the results of efficiency, quality and professionalism

Choose a partner Jit innovation as technology allows you to pick and choose appropriate corporate policies covering the upgrade of its information system, an effective maintenance thereof and eventual scrapping of obsolete hardware and replacing it with IT resources with superior performance from reduced energy consumption . For every client who entrusts Jitinnovation technology will be assigned its technological structure of specialized technical resources that can act quickly and without any difficulty both in hardware and in software through the provision of specific services, System Integration, Application Management Desktop and regulated by strict Service Level Agreements

We operate on Networks - installation and maintenance, Internet, data transmission - Services, Telecommunications - phone centers and services, Telecommunications systems and equipment - manufacturing and wholesale, telecommunications systems and equipment - retail; Telephony - equipment and systems - materials and accessories We install and provide telecommunications and accessories for fixed and wireless, professional advice, equipment for telecommunications products for telecommunications and telephony, telecommunications and telephony services to public networks;

We operate with telecom accessory products, electronic equipment, office equipment, telephone systems, data, special internal telephone systems, computer consulting, isdn, phone centers, LAN networks, telecommunications systems, digital systems, software, and of phones for home and office ; telephony, telephony materials We provide IT Helpdesk - Networking - Networking IT - Interventions OnLab - Computer check-up - Computer Security - Backup services - System Integration - Desktop Management - HW & SW Support - Deans On-Site H24 - Restore Computer - Computer Repair - Application Management - Repairs Workshop - Managing IT outsourcing - Retail & Custom Software - Consultancy on major brands below